Project R.E.A.P.E.R. | Devlog 0

Welcome to the intro devlog for project reaper!

This is made as a way to introduce our idea for a new and exciting game idea. The first thing we did was work on some basic character sprites/animations, and get those into a scene to get the general feel of how the game was going to be structured. After getting the player, an enemy, and some simple combat for the player down, next was adding in some enemy AI. The enemies are very simple for right now as they are something to tackle a little bit later, but they just follow the player, and jump if necessary. The final thing we added for this intro showcase was the card system, you are able to draw cards, use cards, spend mana, and gain mana. The cards are mostly useless for now except a cool rocket card, but because of how this system was implemented, it will make it easy in the future to add in new fun and unique cards!
This is just the intro, so there isnt too much to show off, but if you have any suggestions or ideas feel free to leave a comment on the video! :D

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